The following production notes from the 1970’s (The originals are in my collection) gives us a further insight into Frogs continuing improvements to existing moulds as well as the notes for a new kit (The Wellington) and the proposed model of the Halifax.  Please click on the images to enlarge.


F338 Marurderjpg F229 Beaufort F214 Wellington

It can be seen from the notes on the Marauder that it had been intended to modify the kit to take the Spin-a-prop (F20) motors and change the catalogue number to F293 but this was cancelled before production at the end of June 1973.  The Beaufort F229 does not show any details other than the decal variations. The Wellington MK 1 c F214 however gives us a lot more details including the research carried out at the RAF museum at Hendon including requests to visit. The mould was never used by Frog and became part of the Merton to Moscow deal . It is of course very possible the test shots were made but it is not believed that decals or boxes were produced. Interestingly the original drawings show a anti mine ring but this was not produced. All 3 moulds still exist and kits are being produced from them to date.

F435 Halifax

The notes on the Halifax B2 F435 show that work was being carried out on this project during 1974. It is believed that drawings had been made before the project was cancelled.

 F 33

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