HMS Hero 1-2

F124 or 124PK ?


As part of Frogs 1964 releases the 1/500 scale Warship HMS HERO is unique in that on the box front it carries the catalogue number 124 PK but on the box ends F 124.

HMS Hero 1

Box top showing 124 PK

Between 1964 and 1974 220,00 kits were produced both in Merton and later in Margate. Other interesting points to note are that the early International Model Aircraft logo appears on the box end as well as the words: A TRI-ANG Product.

Interestingly this packing survived into the 1970’s. See some more illustrations of this model below.

HMS Hero-2

The instruction sheet showing 124 PK

HMS Hero-6

The decal sheet

HMS Hero-3

HMS Hero-7

Box contents

Frog released a large range of both Warships and Merchant ships in it’s range including of course the Lightship. It is hoped as time permits to show case some of these here

First released in 1962 this is Frog's Trinity House Lightship

First released in 1962 as 345p, this is Frog’s Trinity House Lightship, another model that is still in production.


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