Time line after 1971

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Time line after 1971

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The Tri-ang group of companies were forced to call in the receiver in August 1971 due to losses in the groups overseas subsidiaries.

The appointed receiver for the Rovex controlled part of the company wasted no time in creating a new company called Pocketmoney Toys Ltd.

Dunbee-combex-marks acquired this company in January 1972 the group was renamed Rovex Ltd.


Scale Models magazine, Agust 1973

Scale Topics article

Rovex Westwood in Kent with Frog kits in full production.

Lord Westwood chairman of Dunbee-Combex-Marx Ltd. Announced in this magazine article that a new warehouse for storing palliated goods was to open. He made clear that the intention to expand all the Rovex product lines including the Frog range. Work is going ahead with future kits and a bright future is predicted.


The last Frog moulds were producing kits in England in Agust 1976.
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