Newbie Joining - love old kits

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Newbie Joining - love old kits

Unread postby dwomby » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:28 pm

I built Airfix Series 1 that I used to buy of a rack in Woolworths for 1/6d for several years then moved to Hawick in 1968 and was totally taken by surprise to find that there was another brand of kits - Frog. A local bicycle and sports shop had them in the back of the shop.

I think the first I bought was the Me-109F.

My unbuilt stash has a fair sprinkling including some relative rarities. Including remoulds from Novo and others, I know I have

several Meteor IVs
Meteor F8
several Shackletons
2 x DH Hornet
several Gannets
several Sea Hawks
2 x Attacker
several Vampires and Sea Venoms
several Sea Vixens
2 x Barracudas
several Canberra B(I)8s
Canberra PR7
2 x Firefly
several Sea Furies
Spitfire XIV
2 x Javelin
2 x Wessex
several Hunter F1
2 x Hunter FGA9
Frog issue VC-10
Novo issue VC-10
2 x Britannia

Built is a bit weaker
Canberra B(I)8
Meteor IV
Spitfire XIV converted to F21
Hunter FGA9 converted to T7

I am currently using a spare set of Meteor IV wings to try to build the Merlin Meteor F8. Don't ask me why. I have two of the Merlin Meteors and thought I'd try to build one. The wings and engines are just not going to look anything like right and I do have these spare Frog wings.

Florida, USA

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Re: Newbie Joining - love old kits

Unread postby N113 fan » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:38 pm

Hello and welcome.

We have a shared passion or is it an affliction as in my case. I have a number of projects on the go at the minute and one is to convert two or three Meteors using the MPM/ Airfix/ Xtrakit Meteors and a Novo F4. The total mad outcome is to create three things in my modelling life they are:

To create a modern Meteor F8 in 600 sqn markings just like the original Frog shelf head F8 issued in the 50s, I will need the Xtrakit Meteor F8 for this as it gives me the 600 sqn markings.

To create a model of a local Meteor which is on display at the Royal Scottish museum of flight about forty miles away from where I live. This is going to be the most challenging as I will need to try and combine the MPM Meteor F8 which give or take is not bad in size and accuracy, wings in particular have been slated as being too thick though. With the dreadful Meteor NF 11,12 and 14 by originally Matchbox, but lately re-released by Xtrakit. The kit dimensionally is under size in many areas in particular around the tail area, fit only for the bin in my opinion, well that is just me. The interesting thing about this aircraft it flew around Scotland as a civil aircraft as it was used by a company called Ferranti to trail installation of radars that they built. It is a all white aircraft with a red stripe running along its length with a civil registration so if I ever get round to finishing it it will be some extra ordinary looking Meteor.

Then lastly I want to use the spare bits and pieces combining them with a Novo Meteor F4 to convert it to a Meteor F8, just for fun (did I really use the words fun). I well understand your own Meteor project as the kits I think that are available at the moment are just crying out for this corrective surgery. I have always wanted to build a Meteor F8 of the Brazilian airforce aerobatic team known as Pif Paf, I think that is right way to say it. I well remember seeing a three view on the Meteor F8 in the profile publication for the F8 and thought it was the most striking Meteor I have ever seen. Anyway the spare bits lying around at home must be put to good use remember I am Scottish and I cannot waste one scrap of plastic.

As for the company Merlin they did a lot of interesting kits, but the quality, however at the time it was that or the Rareplanes Vac-forms, I did not tell you that I also have a Rareplanes vac in long term build.

Any way enough about my ravings and welcome.

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Re: Newbie Joining - love old kits

Unread postby Soulcharger » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:45 am

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