A Kiwi saying Hi.

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A Kiwi saying Hi.

Unread postby stevehnz » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:21 am

I've just wandered in after getting reminded of this forum by a thread on UAMF. I happily made plastic kits up in my youth, the usual progression thru slapping them together with too much glue, phooey to transfers & the like, let alone paint, these things were for playing with. :o Paint followed, a set of gloss primaries & everything mixed with those. I still have some of them I painted with those 45 years +/- later as well as the next stage, I'd discovered a liking for FAA stuff & didn't Mister Frog do a good job on these? I've got a couple of built ones of these still, carefully painted with Humbrol Authentics which I'd graduated onto now, plus some unmade in my stash. I still rate many old Frog & Frog spawn kits a a viable way to get a type that may not be available elsewhere, with some detailing & correction, they come up just nicely to my eye. As I build/restore, I'll put up some pictures in the appropriate threads. I got back into modelling about 8 years ago, mainly scheming & stash accumulation, when my youngest lad spotted a table of 2nd hand models at an airshow near here, he wanted a Spitfire but we compromised on a Revell Mustang III with Malcolm hood. I think hes more interested in girls & social media now but I'm enjoying a quiet acceleration of my modelling activites. :D

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