hi ---heres to Frog-

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hi ---heres to Frog-

Unread postby essezman » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:26 pm

I built kits for over 15years-------then other things job-family-move here and there.------then I picked the habit up again in my 40s.

I kept some kits "to build one day" so I guess it never went.
(I deeply regret throwing away all the boxes and disposing of loads of planes in my 20s. No internet existed and I never thought to dismantle the kits.)

Always liked Frog.Cheap,different variations, or versions.Choice of decals .
Also always seemed done on a shoestring (eg the guns in the Baltimore, and none included in the ventral position ) yet they came our with---detachable wings for the Boston(how? did they just click in?) ---motors for the propellors--even the plastic 'spinning prop'.

With so much changed, they are a welcome bit of stability --like Plasticville--Lucky that Novo , and others, kept em going but not easy to find now. Perhaps theres "a kits done/what happened to" table somewhere?

Motto: if its an old kit thats broke.....fix it and re decal it.

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Re: hi ---heres to Frog-

Unread postby TimJ » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:11 pm

Hi essexman and welcome to the forum.

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