What new decals on old kits ?

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What new decals on old kits ?

Unread postby N113 fan » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:43 am

Please post what you think.

What if the Frog moulds stayed in England or if Novo got all the Frog moulds, what new markings / decals could have been applied to the original Frog kits and what extra parts could have been added to change the kit to a new version. Remember that the old Frog company were sometimes not so fussed about accuracy i.e. A Quantas markings for a short body fuselage on a original length BOAC Boeing 707 and with the wrong engines still fitted and the Britannia 101 short body model not fitted with a long fuselage and cargo door, but being sold as a RAF aircraft with only RAF decals markings as the up-grade.

For me:

Avro Shackelton new under wing engines for the viper up-grade.

Gloster Meteor F Mk 4 with a new fuselage and canopy for a Meteor T7 version.

Vickers Super VC 10 RAF markings with extra bits for the tanker version.

Canadair Sabre with Canadian markings.

Vickers Viscount 1/96th scale Last BEA markings and/or British Airways markings.

Fairey Delta blue or pink markings.

Westland Whirlwind RAF markings and may be BEA or Sabena markings.

New replacement bigger fuselage for later Britannia versions and even bigger fuselage, canopy and
top wing half (?) for the Canadair CL 144.
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